Another Look at Princess Diana, With a Notable Difference

LONDON — Since the world awoke, on Aug. 31, 1997, to the news that Princess Diana had died at 36, after a paparazzi-fueled car crash in Paris, there have been hundreds of films, documentaries, biographies and tell-all memoirs about the shy young woman who became a global celebrity after marrying the heir to the British throne.

On Monday, a new ITV documentary about Diana arrives on HBO, with one significant difference. Called “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy,” it is the first to feature Diana’s two sons with Prince Charles, William and Harry, speaking about their mother as they look through family photographs, reminisce about their childhood and revisit the scenes of her charitable activities.

It’s a coup for the producer Nicolas Kent and the director Ashley Gething, the team that made the documentary “Our Queen at 90” in 2016 (and previously collaborated with the historian Simon Schama on “Obama’s America” and “Simon Schama’s Shakespeare”). Although the princes, notably Harry, have been more open about their personal lives to the press than any royal figure since Diana herself, they have been reserved on the topic of their mother. “We’ve never spoken in depth about her in this way before, and we do not plan to do so again in the future,” William said in his introduction to the film at a screening at Kensington Palace this month.