Experts Discuss Effective Booth Designs for Trade Shows

If you have a tried and tested strategy for sales, you can go a long way when it comes to being successful at a trade show, and there’s no denying this. But there’s another aspect about exhibiting at trade shows which also makes a tremendous impact – creating an attractive and alluring booth. Unfortunately, many businesses create a booth by making use of the same elements in design and sales that they have for direct mail and brochure campaigns. And what’s the result? A generic trade show booth that looks more like a direct mail letter than a really irresistible invitation. Here’s what the experts have to say about coming up with the best and most effective booth for your trade show.

Create your own ‘trade show’ marketing strategy

There’s one simple truth you should know in regard to attractive trade show booths: they are not built overnight. Don’t design your trade show booth simply as just part of your overall advertising and marketing strategy – create your own strategy for it. You need to have your own ‘trade show’ marketing strategy so you can really focus on what needs to be done.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

Expert poster and banner printers will agree that you shouldn’t leave creating your trade show booth to the last minute. As soon as you confirm that you will be at a trade show, begin planning your entire exhibit. If you are making use of a pop up stand or two, it’s best to design it as soon as possible. By doing this, you will not end up with an obviously ‘rushed’ booth which not only looks unprofessional, but also dampens attendee enthusiasm to interact with your staff.

Have a detailed plan for your stand

Most businesses are known for being conservative, and some are even averse to ‘standing out’ in an inappropriate or too obvious way. That’s why many booths are often comprised of staid and boring colours, such as black, blue, white, and grey, rather than colours which catch the eye. Of course, the colours you choose should still be a reflection of your company and product or service, but you can still use colour to your best advantage. Whilst the colours yellow and red may make you think of McDonald’s (and that’s the precise reason why they use it) and you may be averse to using such bold colours, you can still use bright colours such as deep red (which denotes power and energy), orange, and purple, even pink. Purple, for instance, denotes luxury, whilst pink encourages calm.

Another way to make your stand and booth truly effective is to create digital displays with videos and interactive tools, as well as the right images – images with which your audience can identify, and which evoke strong, positive emotions.