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Senate probing Jill Stein for possible collusion with Russia

The Senate is reportedly probing former presidential candidate Jill Stein for possible collusion with Russia.

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Monday that the Stein probe was one of two investigations about Russian collusion that his panel is pursuing, according to The Washington Post.

Stein dined with Russian president Vladimir Putin during a 2015 Moscow event that was also attended by Trump’s former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

Politico reported in Sept. that Stein — the Green Party candidate for president — was the beneficiary of Russian-bought political ads on Facebook.

The committee head, Sen Richard Burr (R-NC), has previously indicated that the committee is looking into reports that Hillary Clinton had paid for the dossier of explosive allegations against then-candidate Trump during the 2016 election.

These Russia investigations would be in addition to the ongoing probe of possible ties between Trump officials and the Kremlin.