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Mobster’s wife shocked after snitch in court reveals husband had mistress

He’s on trial for federal racketeering — but a reputed Mafioso’s wife is the one who got blindsided by a mob rat in Manhattan court Wednesday.

Gangland snitch John “Junior’’ Rubeo testified that accused Philadelphia crime boss Joseph “Skinny Joey’’ Merlino had a goumada, prompting gasps from some of the reputed Mafioso’s two dozen beefy supporters sitting in the federal courtroom — and his wife Deborah’s face to freeze in shock.

When the judge called a break a short time later, Deborah Merlino slowly got up and walked out, trailed by her hubby’s retinue with Joey following a short distance behind.

The couple huddled in the hallway, talking in hushed tones while surrounded by their entourage, which then blocked the doors to an elevator car as Joey and Deborah got in.

During the lunch break, Joey approached a Post reporter outside the courthouse and vainly tried to rewrite history, saying: “Don’t put the girl in,” referring to his alleged former mistress.

Rubeo dropped the bombshell claim of Merlino’s affair during his cross-examination.

Rubeo had been testifying about the role of an unidentified pharmaceutical saleswoman in an insurance-fraud scam that Merlino allegedly ran when he unexpectedly blurted out, “Listen, he got caught sleeping with her.”

“He ended the relationship with her. It was his connection. He said, ‘She sends things to my house, my wife is going to find out,’ ” Rubeo added.

Defense lawyer Edwin Jacobs Jr. apparently couldn’t believe his ears and asked Rubeo, “So now you are telling us that Joey slept with this rep?”

“Yes, that’s what he told me,” the former Genovese crime-family associate said.

Deborah Merlino’s scowling at Rubeo quickly turned to a look of shock.