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Phone Sex: What does being a cuckold entail?

Posted on 10 January 2018

There are probably a lot of women who are unhappy sexually in their marriage or other relationships, but love their partner wish they could cuckold their husbands. Cuckolds are men whose significant others cheat on them with other men with or without them knowing.  I would say most cuckolds do not know it’s happening.  Basically, their wife is being satisfied by another man, that ...

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There’s a shot that can guarantee you orgasms

Posted on 18 May 2017

Anyone worth their reality-TV salt would be well-versed on the Dracula Facial. For the uninitiated, a quick intro: Made famous by reality queen Kim Kardashian, the Dracula Facial is as gruesome as its name suggests. Several vials of blood are syringed from the client’s arm, and placed in a spinning machine that wouldn’t look out of place on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The fast spi ...